FastWordQuery Addon For Anki

Supported Dictionaries



This addon query words definitions or examples etc. fields from local or online dictionaries to fill into the Anki note.
It forks from WordQuery, added multi-thread feature, improve stability, and some other features.


  1. Place addons or addons21 folder of this repository to anki addon folder.
  2. Use the installation code: 1807206748



  1. Click Menu “Tools -> Add-ons -> FastWQ -> Edit…“
  2. Edit the code and click Save


  1. In Browser window click menu “FastWQ -> Options”

  2. Click Settings button in the Options window

    • Force Updates of all fields : Update all fields even if it’s None
    • Ignore Accents : Ignore accents symbol of word in querying
    • Auto check new version : Check new version at startup
    • Number of Threads : The number of threads running at the same time


Set the query fields

  1. Click menu “Tools -> FastWQ”, or in Browser window click menu “FastWQ -> Options”
  2. Select note type
  3. Select Dictionary
  4. Select Fields
  5. Click OK button

‘Browser’ Window

  1. Select single or multiple words, click menu “FastWQ -> Query Selected” or press shortcut Default is Ctrl+Q.
  2. Waiting query finished

‘Add’ Window

  1. Click Add button in Browser window, open Add window
  2. Edit key field and click Query button

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